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Proofreading with Control-F

February 15, 2024

Proofreading with Control-F By Sam, a Writing Center Coach In bygone days, I worked as a freelance Academic Writing Coach and Editor at a company that provides editing assistance for dissertations and other forms of scholarly communication. They trained me … Read more

Writing Soundscapes

January 31, 2024

Writing Soundscapes By Karah, a Writing Center Coach I’ve had a long and complicated relationship with music and writing. Thinking back on when I first began writing for personal enjoyment as a teenager, it’s strange to realize how I did … Read more

How to Survive a UNC Chem Lab

January 18, 2024

How to Survive a UNC Chem Lab By Rebecca Turner, a Peer Tutor Morehead Labs. Vernier software. Safety goggles. Carbon-copy lab notebook. If you’re anything like me (and the many other biology, chemistry, neuroscience, etc. majors), these words fill you … Read more

Writing for Mental Health

December 1, 2023

Writing for Mental Health By Katie, a Writing Coach January 2023 During the last few years, I kept hearing that writing can be a tool to improve mental health. Despite being someone who loves writing, whether it be writing creative … Read more

Finding Research Opportunities at UNC

November 15, 2023

Finding Research Opportunities at UNC By Baral, a Peer Tutor As I logged off from the Zoom meeting with my professor, I was smiling but I knew I was not getting the opportunity to work in his lab any time … Read more

The Balance of Joy in College

October 6, 2023

The Balance of Joy in College By Emma, a Peer Tutor Coming to college is filled with so many emotions. Loads of excitement to establish yourself, but also some anxiety surrounding classes and finding your place in a large community. … Read more

Finding the “I” in Team Handball

September 27, 2023

Finding the “I” in Team Handball By Tommy, a Peer Tutor For over a thousand students at UNC, club sports are an integral part of collegiate life. If you aren’t aware, club sports are on-campus, student-led organizations that focus on … Read more

Figuring out Time Management

September 11, 2023

Figuring out Time Management By Rory, a Writing Coach Do you remember the end of the spring semester? So many of us found ourselves stuck in a swamp of work, unable to navigate a way out of the quagmire of … Read more

How I Use Zotero to Organize My Research

May 30, 2023

How I use Zotero to Organize My Research By Marcy, a Writing Coach When I started graduate school, one of the most common pieces of advice I received was to pick a citation management software and stick to it. It … Read more