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We will return with a Zoom meeting Friday, August 20! See schedule below. Speaking Group welcomes American and international participants from the UNC campus and the local community. The group meets weekly to discuss topics of culture, university life, or language learning strategies and resources. Our goal is to create a comfortable space to converse in English, to share cultural perspectives, and to build global relationships in our local community.

Chapel Hill Community: Sign Up for the Speaking Group Email

We welcome members of the University and surrounding community. List members receive weekly topics and Zoom links in the remote weeks. Zoom links will be sent at 2:45 each Friday that we meet remotely.

Fall Schedule & Locations

All speaking groups meet Fridays, 3-4 p.m. NC time.

Date Location
Aug 20 Zoom
Aug 27 Zoom
Sep 3 Zoom
Sep 10 Zoom
Sep 17 FedEx Global Ed Ctr Atrium
Sep 24 Zoom
Oct 1 Zoom
Oct 8 FedEx Global Ed Ctr Atrium
Oct 15 Zoom
Oct 22 Fall break–no speaking group
Oct 29 FedEx Global Ed Ctr Atrium
Nov 5 Zoom
Nov 12 FedEx Global Ed Ctr Atrium
Nov 19 Zoom

What happens in Speaking Group?

An English Language Specialist from the Writing Center attends each meeting to welcome participants and to facilitate the group meeting.

  • The facilitator introduces the suggested topic then moves participants to small breakout rooms (3-5 participants) for 25 minutes
  • Group members discuss the topic, ask questions, and suggest strategies or resources
  • Participants return to the main room then join new breakout rooms with different partners for the next 25 minutes
  • Everyone rejoins the main room to share anything interesting from their group conversation and to say goodbye

Please note: The facilitator will request PIDs from UNC students and scholars, but community members don’t need to worry about this. Community members can join without a PID.

Who can join Speaking Group?

  • UNC students, including undergraduate, graduate, and exchange students
  • Postdoctoral scholars, visiting scholars, research collaborators, and faculty
  • Spouses and community members
  • Native/fluent English speaking volunteers, we welcome your participation. Please see our volunteer guide

How do I join Speaking Group?

Other oral communication support