Speaking Group is cancelled until further notice. We plan to start meeting again when in-person classes resume.

Speaking Group meets every Friday classes are in session from 3 to 4 PM. The schedule below shows where we will meet each week. Early each week an email announces a suggested topic and gives a reminder of the time and location. If you are already receiving the Speaking Group Email, you do not need to re-sign up. If you are not receiving the Speaking Group Email and would like to, you may sign up below.

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January 17
FedEx Global Education Center
January 24 FedEx Global Education Center
January 31 FedEx Global Education Center
February 7
Graduate Student Center
February 14 FedEx Global Education Center
February 21 FedEx Global Education Center
February 28
Field Trip – Ackland Art Museum
March 6
FedEx Global Education Center
March 13 Spring Break – No Meeting
March 20 Graduate Student Center
March 27 FedEx Global Education Center
April 3
Field Trip
April 10
Spring Holiday – No Meeting
April 17
Graduate Student Center
April 24
FedEx Global Education Center

What happens in Speaking Group?

Speaking Group welcomes American and international participants from the campus and the community. Groups meet for an hour every week to discuss topics of culture, university life, or language learning strategies and resources. An English Language Specialist from the Writing Center attends each meeting to help the group members work together to improve their oral communication skills. Each week:

  • The facilitator introduces a topic around American culture, University life, or language learning
  • Group members discuss the topic, ask questions, and suggest strategies or resources
  • Group members can ask for feedback on their speaking
  • The facilitator might teach a new technique, strategy, or game

Please note: The facilitator’s role is not to teach a speaking or pronunciation “class” but to familiarize the group with US language, culture, and resources.

Who can join Speaking Group?

  • UNC students, including undergraduate, graduate, and exchange students
  • Postdoctoral scholars, visiting scholars, and research faculty, if you have any specific needs, please contact us.
  • Spouses and community members
  • Native/fluent English speaking volunteers, we welcome your participation. Please see our volunteer guide

How do I join Speaking Group?

Other Oral Communication Support