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Fall 2023 Kick Off Series

Please join us for this series of workshops on essential skills and concepts. All workshops in this series are on Tuesdays, 12:30-1:30 p.m.

August 29

Cross-cultural Communication Come to this workshop to learn more about your new North Carolina cultural environement and to explore cultural differences in interaction, like turn-taking norms, the role of silence in conversation, politeness consideration for interruptions, making requests, invitations, and more!

September 5

Reading Efficiency Come to this workshop to learn three ways of approaching your reading tasks and learn strategies for each approach. Facilitators will share extensive resources for managing graduate-level reading loads.

September 12

Principles of Citation and Avoiding Plagiarism Why is citation so important in US universities? How do you know what you should or shouldn’t cite? How can you work with language to avoid plagiarizing? How can a citation manager help you?

September 19

Four Habits of Successful Writers Successful writers have well-developed habits in four areas. Come to this workshop to reflect and strategize on these areas for your own writing.