No registration is required. All workshops are free and open to UNC students and scholars.

All workshops will take place  12 – 1 PM, in Carrington 1100.

Summer 2019

Oral Communication Series

Tuesdays, 12 PM – 1 PM

Written Communication Series

Wednesdays, 12 PM – 1 PM

May 21
Rhythm and Intonation
May 22
Increasing Your Reading Efficiency
May 28
Exploring African American English Dialects
May 29
Writing about Race and Ethnicity
Jun 4
Exploring Southern Dialects
Jun 5
Using Passive Voice Effectively
Jun 11
Introduction to the International Phonetic Alphabet
Jun 12
Navigating Verb Tense in Literature Reviews
Jun 18
Participating in Class and Facilitating Discussions
Jun 19
Choosing the Correct Article (a, an, the)
Jun 25
Sentence Focus: Content Words
Jun 26
Adjusting the Strength of Claims in Results and Discussions
Jul 2
Jul 3
Jul 9
Sentence Focus: Structure Words
Jul 10
Improving Sentence Clarity
Jul 16
Word Stress and Vowel Clarity
Jul 17
Writing about Gender and Sexuality
Jul 23
Communicating Research Concisely
Jul 24
Improving Flow and Increasing Sentence Variety