No registration is required. All workshops are free and open to UNC students and scholars.

All workshops will take place on Wednesdays, 2:30-3:30 PM, in Carrington 217.

Spring 2019

January 16

Using articles (a, an, the) correctly

January 23

Navigating verb tense in literature reviews

January 30

Improving sentence clarity

February 6

Increasing sentence variety with clauses and connectors

February 13

Reading more efficiently

February 20

Exploring African American English dialects

February 27

Improving flow with transitions

March 6

Writing about race and ethnicity

March 13

NO MEETING — Spring Break

March 20

Writing about gender and sexuality

March 27


April 3

Distinguishing and using -ing words

April 10

Communicating research concisely

April 17

Exploring southern dialects

April 24

Describing uncertainty with modal verbs