If you are looking for an editor, proofreader, tutor for your child, or typist, you may want to search the Help for Hire board to see a list of local people who are interested in doing this work for a fee. The people listed here are not endorsed by the Writing Center nor by the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; we are not responsible for the services they provide or for any aspect of their interactions with you. We simply provide web space for interested individuals to advertise their availability. We cannot recommend a particular editor or tutor for your situation. By reading their qualifications, checking their references, and emailing/talking with them, you can make an informed choice on your own.

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To request that your name be added to the Writing Center’s Help for Hire board, please fill out the form below and email it to Percival Guevarra; be sure to focus on your qualifications (you must have a graduate degree) and experience as an editor, teacher of writing, or ESL instructor. After you submit the form, a Writing Center staff member will contact you by email. Answers to questions marked internal use only will not appear on the public advertisement.

You must be a resident of the Triangle area of North Carolina to be listed. We reserve the right to refuse requests for any reason and to edit ads for length or relevance; we also reserve the right to remove any ad at our discretion at any time after it is posted, without prior notice. If you have any questions, contact us at writing_center@unc.edu. Be thoughtful about what contact information you choose to post because this information is visible outside UNC and across the web. We recommend you adopt and use a business email address (not your personal address) for this purpose and for display on this website. Please note that the Writing Center assumes no responsibility for clients’ interactions with editors/tutors.

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