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Tutors: The Writing Center reserves the right to remove any posted advertisement at our discretion, at any time, and without prior notice.

Clients: The people listed here are not affiliated with or endorsed by the Writing Center nor by the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; we are not responsible for the services they provide or for any aspect of their interactions with you.

We simply provide web space for interested individuals to advertise their availability. We cannot recommend a particular editor or tutor for your situation. We recommend that face-to-face meetings between editors/tutors and clients take place in a public location. By reading their qualifications, requesting their references, and emailing/talking with them, you can make an informed choice on your own.

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Laura Augustine

I offer one-on-one tutoring and editing to help you express your ideas in a clear and effective way. I’m available to meet in Chapel Hill or online– whatever works best for you. I’m comfortable with ESL writers and I’m familiar with standards for academic papers and business writing, including emails, marketing collateral, and project documentation. Contact me at for a free quote.

Rene Caputo

Rene D. Caputo (M.Ed.) has taught writing courses at college and universities for over 20 years, also serving as a writing tutor and editor for much of that time. She has extensive experience working with multilingual clients who want to improve their writing in English and specializes in helping them strengthen their message and its impact. Through editing and tutoring, Rene supports writers with personal statements, teaching statements, cover letters, dissertations, and application essays.

Joanna Carey

Masters level educator with 15 years of experience teaching English.
Specialty in speech and writing communication for presentations, papers, job interviews and general informal contact with the language for everyday life. I assist students in gaining confidence in the language for all life situations. Come and find your voice in English in an enjoyable and safe environment. I have lived in numerous countries and know what it is like to learn a language. I appreciate the struggle that international students of English have with learning all facets of the language. Ready and willing to assist you in all areas of English learning. Come and enjoy the process of learning this beautiful language.

Joanna Chang

I have a PhD in musicology from Duke University, where I work as a Graduate Writing Consultant at Duke’s Thompson Writing Center. I have extensive experience in polishing successful grant proposals, applications for medical/grad/professional school, and editing for academic writing (essays, journals, publications). I specialize in the humanities but welcome STEM-related scholarly prose, whether for specific or non-specific audiences. All stages of writing process are welcome: brainstorming, outlining, first/middle/near-final drafts.

Erik Cofer

I have a Master’s in English and have taught for eight years, including five years of writing instruction at the university level. My passion for writing (both academic and creative) extends to teaching and tutoring. From my time in the classroom and in writing centers, I have worked with students on any number of writing assignments, such as personal essays, research papers, creative nonfiction, fiction, and poetry. I am always excited for the opportunity to work with writers at any stage of the writing process, whether you’re still in the idea phase or have an entire draft ready. One of my primary objectives is to demystify the writing process and help you achieve all your writing goals.

Antoinette V. Corsentino

I have been teaching college English composition courses for five years. My specialty is assisting native English speakers and international students, from high school juniors to post-doctoral candidates, to find their writing voice. My experience includes: scholarship essays, research for public health policy papers, dissertations in engineering, resumes, and cover letters. I can help you at any stage of the process, whether it is formulating a thesis statement for your term paper or completing final edits on your dissertation.

David C. Francis, Jr.

Hello, I’m David Francis, an adjunct professor in the journalism school. I have nearly two decades of writing, editing and research experience. I’m happy to assist with written assignments and large research projects. Please reach out if you have any questions or want to discuss a specific project.

Myra Emerson

I have 20 years’ experience editing academic papers, articles, and dissertations, and I specialize in ESL editing. I also do English language tutoring. My qualifications include an MA degree in sociology, a JD degree, and extensive research experience.

Kelly Goyette

As a writing specialist with nearly 20 years’ experience, I proudly bust the myth that only “bad” writers seek the kind of help I offer. My clients occupy a broad spectrum of confidence and ability. I work with published authors, medical school applicants, PhD students learning English who need to publish complex research in STEM journals, high school students– and anyone in between! But all my clients accept one simple truth: good writing doesn’t happen in isolation. I work with my clients as an advocate to teach them new writing strategies, dismantle creative blocks, copyedit grammar, or provide highly tailored feedback as an expert outside reader. My approach builds mastery and amplifies clients’ voices while protecting their authorship and promoting a sustainable writing practice.

Julia Green

I am a writing instructor, editor, and coach and have worked with students ages 12 to 92 on a diverse range of writing projects. I provide structure, technical advice, and expertise to help those struggling with a project successfully complete it. I also regularly edit documents short and long to tighten language and coherence and communicate the message more effectively. Whatever your writing project, I can help. If you are looking for a knowledgeable, supportive editor and coach, please contact me. For more information on my experience, expertise, and specialties, please visit

Derek Keever

I have been a freelance editor for 5 years, helping writers to express themselves more clearly and effectively. My specialty is editing academic essays, theses, and journal articles for non-native English speakers. I lived in Asia for 10 years and have been teaching ESL and EFL for 15 years. I have an MAT in TESOL and a CELTA certificate.

Daniel M. McCarthy

I am currently an instructor at Duke in the English for International students (EIS) program. At EIS, I teach Academic Writing, Oral Communication, and Academic Presentations to graduate and PhD students that require further English language support. Before beginning work at Duke in Fall 2017, I worked as an ESL and writing teacher at Massachusetts International Academy with students who aimed to begin their undergraduate or graduate studies in the UMASS system. Additionally, I worked as a writing tutor both as an undergraduate (University of Oregon) and in graduate school (Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey). I have a BA in Linguistics from the University of Oregon and an MA in TESOL from the Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey.

Amy E. Ochterski

I’m a full-time RN at Duke University as well as a published online and print journal fiction writer. I have a Masters in English Literature from SUNY Brockport and am a former adjunct instructor for Corning Community College. I have a wealth of real life experience and a drive to help you succeed with your writing and reading projects.

Calvin Olsen

I have been a writing professor for five years, having taught English, rhetoric and composition, comparative literature, and creative writing at both graduate- and undergraduate levels. I have also worked professionally as a freelance copywriter and editor for over seven years, with experience working with literary journals, professional websites, iOS applications, and technology start-ups. I hold an MFA in Creative Writing from Boston University and an MA in English & Comparative Literature from UNC-Chapel Hill, and I have many international publications both in print and online.

Alice Terry

Proactive support when tutoring one-on-one or editing online is my specialty. Writing-as-process, be it creative, academic or technical, is my area of expertise. Regarding effective writing and editing skills, one hopes to shape a body of work that is: clear, complete and concise. A professional educator and published writer, I am committed to guiding and supporting students of all ages in whatever communication endeavors they have chosen to undertake.