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Writing Coaching

Every writer needs a reader. The Writing Center’s coaches serve as friendly, highly-trained readers for all kinds of writing projects. Meet one-on-one with a writing coach or submit a draft to our online coaching service to get feedback on your writing, try out some new strategies, and explore resources. Our coaches can help you at any stage of the writing process.
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Face-to-Face Coaching

Meet with a writing coach in-person or on Zoom to talk through your ideas, get your coach’s reaction to your paper or project, and add to your personal toolkit of writing strategies. You might even get some writing done during your session!

Asynchronous Online Coaching

Submit a draft to our online coaching service. Describe your assignment and concerns, and your coach will write a letter in response with feedback, questions, strategies, and links to relevant online tips and videos.

Online Tips and Tools

Can’t make an appointment? Consult online handouts, tip sheets, and video demos, created specifically for the UNC community, any time you need writing support.

Writing coaches regularly help students with:

  • Getting Started: Review your assignment, brainstorm, organize your ideas, and start writing!
  • Clarity: Get a coach’s reactions and feedback.
  • Making your case: Learn to incorporate evidence, write an effective thesis statement, and test the strength of your argument.
  • Different kinds of writing: Find out how to write for different courses, contexts, and audiences.
  • Revision Strategies: Write a reverse outline, highlight your paper in a color-coding technique, or even take scissors to your draft to identify opportunities for revision.
  • Flow: Make your sentences, paragraphs, and overall organization easier for readers to follow.
  • Citation, Style, and Sentence-Level Concerns: Experiment with new proofreading strategies, consult resources on citation and usage, and discuss grammar and punctuation questions.

Take an inside look at the Writing Center: How Writing Coaching supports students

The Writing Center makes an effort to make sure every student is comfortable. Katharine Shriver