What can the Writing Center do for me?

For faculty and staff, we provide five major services:

  • No matter what you are teaching, we are happy to meet with your students. We ask that you not require them to visit us or give them extra credit for doing so; our reasons for this policy are described in our faculty FAQ.
  • We are happy to visit your class to introduce ourselves and our services to your students (please note: during the 2011-2012 year, we are unable to offer classroom-based workshops as we have in the past). If you would like to arrange a visit or tour, please submit a request.
  • We can work with you on your own writing, including course assignments, grant proposals, and material for publication. We are happy to discuss your writing process and help you make efficient use of your writing time.
  • We provide online handouts and multimedia writing strategy “demos” for use as teaching tools or as additional resources for your students.
  • If you would like to discuss creating effective writing assignments, using writing activities in class, or supporting your student writers, you are welcome to request a consultation with a Writing Center director.