Speaking Group on Friday, March 10, will meet at the Graduate Student Center and then walk together to Bynum Fountain for an outdoor discussion.

Spring 2017 meeting times

Speaking group meetings are held every Friday until April 28, 3 to 4 PM in the Graduate Student Center at 211A W. Cameron Ave. No meetings are held on March 17 or April 14.

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What happens in a speaking group?

A speaking group consists of native and non-native English speakers from around campus. Groups meet for an hour or two every week with a suggested topic revolving around American culture, University life, or language learning strategies and resources. An ESL-trained group facilitator from the Writing Center attends each meeting to help the group members work together to improve their oral communication skills. Each week:

  • The facilitator introduces a topic around American culture, University life, or language learning
  • Group members discuss the topic, ask questions, and suggest strategies or resources
  • Group members can ask for feedback on their speaking
  • The facilitator might teach a new technique, strategy, or game

Please note: The facilitator’s role is not to teach a speaking or pronunciation “class” but to familiarize the group with US language, culture, and resources.

Who can join a speaking group?

  • UNC students and scholars, including undergraduate, graduate, exchange students, postdoctoral scholars, visiting scholars, and research faculty
  • Postdoctoral scholars, visiting scholars, and research faculty, if you have any specific needs, please contact us.
  • Native/fluent English speaking volunteers, we welcome your participation. Please see our volunteer guide.

How do I join a speaking group?

  • Register online using this form. You will receive a message regarding each week’s meeting.

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