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Boot camp is a week-long opportunity for students currently writing dissertations to set writing goals, practice disciplined writing habits, learn new strategies, and connect with other dissertation writers. It’s offered four times per year (October, February, May, and June) and is intended to help graduate students make significant progress in their writing and their sense of community.

What do participants do each day?

  • Arrive before 9:00 and grab a snack and coffee or tea.
  • Experiment with the daily writing strategy, taught by a Writing Center staff member.
  • Enjoy several blocks of uninterrupted writing time and a brief break in a large, comfortable space with a variety of seating options and natural light.
  • Spend a few minutes relaxing with our fabulous massaging chair pad.
  • Review and update their writing goals for the week.
  • Build a supportive network of dissertation writers from around campus.
  • Enjoy a delicious lunch generously provided by the Graduate School.

What have previous boot campers said?

“I feel like I can actually write this thing, and that it can be good. Not only can I write it, but I can do it in a sane and enjoyable way.”

“I feel positive about my paper again. My brain is actually willing to think about my project without flying instinctively to other thoughts.”

“It was great to be surrounded by other students in the same situation. It made me feel less alone.”

“This was fantastic and by far the best and most useful workshop I have attended as a graduate student. I have already recommended it to all my friends and colleagues!”

You should register for boot camp when you are…

  • Actively engaged in the writing phase of your dissertation.
  • Ready to spend a total of 15 hours just writing (three hours each day for five days).
  • Able to commit to arriving by 9 a.m. and remaining until 1 p.m. on all five days.

You should not register for boot camp if you are…

  • Not yet actively writing text that you plan to include in your dissertation.
  • Seeking a class or workshop about dissertations—what parts they have, what they should look like, step-by-step instructions for writing one, etc.
  • Not fully and reliably available on all of the specified dates.

Would you like to run your own boot camp?

We recommend participating in a Writing Center boot camp to get yourself into the groove. After that, connect with other campers (or colleagues who couldn’t make it here) to keep the momentum going in your own self-run boot camps. See this page for tips and tools.

Nuts and bolts

  • Dissertation boot camp registration is $20, which goes toward instruction, snacks, drinks, and lunch. Participants register and pay through the Graduate School.
  • To be notified when boot camp registration opens, join the Graduate Student Professional Development list by sending an e-mail to with “subscribe gradevelopment” in the body of the message, leaving the subject field blank.
  • For questions about registration, contact Brian Rybarczyk at the Graduate School.
  • For questions about boot camp activities, contact Gigi Taylor at the Writing Center.