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Fundamentals of Class Registration

By a Peer Tutor

Class registration season is here! Unfortunately at UNC, class registration is you versus the system… and it feels like the system always seems to win! There’s a variety of things I do to mitigate that and grab the classes I need for the upcoming semester.

What Classes Do I Need to Take?

First off, I need to find out what classes I need to take. Luckily for us, UNC Academic Advising provides one of the best resources for doing so on their website. They are known as “Degree Worksheets” and they list the classes you need to graduate with your desired degree. This was especially helpful for me as my major’s requirements were very overwhelming the first time around. The Degree Worksheet helped me get a better perspective on what I need to take. They even point out which general education classes are covered by your major and what you actually need to take.

A picture of the degree workshop for the Philosophy major


What Classes Do I Not Need to Take?

Next, I need to see what classes I’ve already taken or have credit for. An official way to check this out is through your Tar Heel Tracker on ConnectCarolina. This shows all the classes you’ve done and what requirements they cover according to UNC’s records. I found this particularly helpful during my first year, as it pointed out what credits I received from my AP exams and community college and allowed me to only look for classes I need. I’d recommend viewing the “Summary Report” PDF as it’s much more readable.

A screenshot of the author's Tar Heel tracker


What Classes Are Being Offered?

Now that I know what classes I want to take, I need to find what classes are being offered. While UNC provides an in-house system for doing so through ConnectCarolina, many students would agree that it’s  not very user-friendly. That’s where Coursicle comes in. Coursicle is a third-party website that lets you search for classes and notifies you when a class opens up. I find it faster and much more intuitive than ConnectCarolina. Furthermore, I can make multiple schedules, which is very important as I’m never guaranteed my top picks for classes. Having alternatives and backups on hand helps me avoid wasting precious time during my enrollment appointment.

A screenshot of the author's Coursicle page


Who Should I Take My Classes With?

You’ve probably heard students say, “your professor will make or break your class,” and to a point, that’s very true. So, one of the main methods I use for checking through professors is using the third-party website RateMyProfessor. Here, you’ll find ratings for most professors at UNC given by students who’ve had them for a class. The ratings and reviews are subjective, so I tend to only trust professor profiles with over 20 ratings.

A screenshot of a Rate My Professor page, showing very high ratings

I’ve personally picked up on most of this entire process from other helpful students and classmates. After using this process myself for a couple of registration cycles, it has significantly reduced the stress of class registration. I can’t recommend it enough. Good luck everyone!

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