Help for Hire Editors

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Andrea Applebee

I offer Individual sessions for writers who want to build their confidence, flexibility, and independence in their work. For the past six years, I have taught university-level courses in writing, the last three at an Ivy League school. I have over ten years of experience coaching creative and critical writing projects at all levels–from the application essay to the dissertation and book manuscript. My qualifications include an MFA in nonfiction and poetry from the University of Pittsburgh, a certificate in Rhetoric and Composition, and a BA in English from Davidson College. I have a deep commitment to making writing an accessible and meaningful practice. Please contact me at to make an appointment.

Laura Augustine

I offer one-on-one tutoring and editing to help you express your ideas in a clear and effective way. I’m available to meet in Chapel Hill or online– whatever works best for you. I’m comfortable with ESL writers and I’m familiar with standards for academic papers and business writing, including emails, marketing collateral, and project documentation. Contact me at for a free quote.

Mary K. Brown

I specialize in helping students and faculty – especially those whose first language is not English – improve dissertations, reports, proposals, articles, journal submissions, and similar documents. My clients have been extremely pleased with my editing and appreciative of my help in improving the readability of their papers.

Alexandra Brozena

I offer technical editing for peer-reviewed research manuscripts, scientific proposals, and graduate student dissertations. With my background in Chemistry (Ph.D.), Materials Chemistry, Nanoscience, Surface Science, Environmental Science (B.A.), Chemical Engineering, and Writing (B.A. in English), I am uniquely positioned to polish scientific materials for publication and review. I provide more than just grammar and proof-reading, editing in addition for style, flow, comprehension and technical feedback, helping you to learn what sections of your argument may need further clarification for maximum impact on your audience. I have multi-year experience providing this service in a university setting and have helped many scientists get competitive funding proposals accepted and manuscripts published with the aid of my constructive comments and editing. For students who would like to improve their science communication and writing skills, I am also available for one-on-one tutoring and editing. Please contact me at to discuss your science editing needs.

Stephen Michael Campbell

I have over 20 years of experience in public health and health research. As part of this, I have contributed editing or writing for brochures, guidelines, procedures manuals, manuscripts, journal articles, papers, theses and dissertations. I have helped students, faculty, and business colleagues with their writing, both native English speakers and those for whom English is not their first language. All of the students, faculty and colleagues I’ve worked with have been pleased with my assistance and many have asked repeatedly for my help in improving their writing. I am committed to helping people communicate and to improving understanding through writing. Editing is not my primary source of income, so I am able to provide my service at affordable and negotiable rates. I can work with you by email and I am also willing to meet with you in person or talk over the phone. I also offer statistical consulting for public health students.

Christopher Catanese

As a Durham-based editor with experience in academic and literary publishing, I work primarily with academic writers who are preparing work for journal publication, conference presentation, or submission to their committee. I also have experience with grant-writing for the non-profit sector, literary fiction and non-fiction, as well as editing professional and academic genres like application essays, personal statements, and cover letters. Please be in touch to discuss your project!

Caroline Connor

I can help you with any scientific writing or editing needs. My experience includes scientific report writing, manuscript preparation, grant editing, and assistance with fellowship applications. I have helped my clients address reviewer comments following article submission. I also work with graduate students to improve the flow and readability of papers. Please contact me at

Antoinette V. Corsentino

I have been teaching college English composition courses for five years. My speciality is assisting native English speakers and international students, from high school juniors to post-doctoral candidates, to find their writing voice. My experience includes: scholarship essays, research for public health policy papers, dissertations in engineering, resumes, and cover letters. I can help you at any stage of the process, whether it is formulating a thesis statement for your term paper or completing final edits on your dissertation.

Lightsey Darst

I can help you with essays and creative writing projects (poetry, fiction, or nonfiction). My specialty is helping writers see strengths and opportunities in early drafts, but I’m also a very sharp copyeditor, and I will work with you to polish up your final drafts without changing your voice. I have over ten years of experience teaching college courses, and I am a published poet, critic, and essayist, with two books and two National Endowment for the Arts fellowships. Email me at for rates and to make an appointment.

Myra Emerson

I have 20 years’ experience editing academic papers, articles, and dissertations, and I specialize in ESL editing. I also do English language tutoring. My qualifications include an MA degree in sociology, a JD degree, and extensive research experience.

Dr. Julie Fann

Want success without all of the stress? Email Dr. Julie Fann at With my help, you can achieve your goal: earn an A, get a grant, finish your dissertation, edit your manuscript, break writer’s block, and gain confidence. I love the hard work that is weighing you down, so unburden yourself and contact me. I will listen to your needs and offer personal, professional solutions or mentoring that you can afford.

Rebacca Gomez Farrell

I am a fast, affordable editor who will tweak your writing so you look better! My rates start at $1/page for basic proofreading fixes. I provide a quick turnaround so you don’t have to worry about deadlines. I have experience editing blogs, dissertations, medical manuscripts and more!

Ilene Freedman

I’m an experienced ESL instructor/tutor, graduate of the Duke Certificate Program, with a love for teaching international students (individuals and small groups). Let me help you improve your oral communication, grammar, writing and presentations. I’d enjoy giving you more tools to enjoy your life in The Triangle to its utmost.

Heidi Scott Giusto, PhD, CPRW, CEIP

I offer highly customized editing and tutoring services to individuals ranging from high school students to CEOs. I have a strong academic tutoring background and welcome the opportunity: to work with writers whose native language is not English, to help prepare students for the college and graduate school application processes, and to edit a range of documents that span dissertations to conference papers to resumes to business websites.

Julia Green

Julia Green has been an editor, writer, and teacher for 15 years. She has helped college students work on term papers, graduate students finalize their dissertations, high schoolers write college application essays, and adults craft resumes and articles. Over the years, Julia has helped many people hone their voice and express themselves clearly and intelligently on the page. She enjoys all the interesting people her work has brought her in contact with and the challenge of helping them become better writers, editors, and thinkers.

Margy Thomas Horton, Ph.D.

With my experience teaching and publishing in a university setting, as well as my passion for working one-on-one with students, I am just the person to help you with your difficult writing project. I provide a variety of support services to academic writers at the undergraduate and graduate levels, including editing and consultation. Check out my website,, for a free self-help guide to academic writing, as well as for more information about my services.

Holly Hough

I have a doctorate in the sciences, 10+ years of experience in writing and editing, and have published poetry, reports, and articles. I am friendly, love to laugh, and offer proofreading and editing, primarily for dissertations, theses, research papers, resumes, and cover letters. Flexible schedule.

Kathleen Kearns

I draw on my experience as an editor at a major scholarly press to help faculty members, postdocs, and graduate students achieve their publishing, employment, and promotion goals. I offer publication coaching, developmental editing, and copyediting for scholars in the humanities, social sciences, and public health.

Derek Keever

I have been a freelance editor for 5 years, helping writers to express themselves more clearly and effectively. My specialty is editing academic essays, theses, and journal articles for non-native English speakers. I lived in Asia for 10 years and have been teaching ESL and EFL for 15 years. I have an MAT in TESOL and a CELTA certificate.

Candis LaPrade

I am an experienced editor who offers assistance with academic and nonacademic writing to students, faculty members, and others online and in person. I have a Ph.D. in English and over 30 years of experience teaching and editing many types of writing. My services include help with exploring and generating ideas, organization, style, proofreading, and formatting. Email address:

Molly Mullin

If you need help getting your message across, I can help. I have more than 20 years’ experience as a college writing professor, lecturer, and published author. I have a PhD in Cultural Anthropology and specialize in making complicated ideas clear.

Barbara Nagler

Are you frustrated because you can’t easily send and receive messages in English? With extensive experience serving internationals since 1989, I can help you achieve your personal and professional communication goals. Here and abroad, I’ve taught teacher-trainees, as well as graduate, undergraduate, and K-12 students.

Wade Ponder

Your success depends on the quality of your writing, so let an experienced editor provide the help you need. I will take your work as seriously as you do, provide top-quality editing, suggest improvements, meet your deadline, and answer your questions. Click on my name for details.

Anthony Robbins

I am a traditionally trained scholar, an experienced editor, and university teacher. My services include manuscript copy editing and proofreading in all disciplines (including preparation of all styles of in-text citations and bibliographies), English-language tutoring, help with writing resumes and cover letters for job applications, academic admissions materials, and writing grant applications.

Fran Salman

More than 20 years of experience in copyediting, including scholarly journals. Expert in grammar and syntax. Meticulous attention to detail. Able to work closely with clients to elicit their best ideas. Fluent in Spanish. Experience working with non-native English speakers. Flexible schedule. Willing to meet in person.

Deepa Sanyal

Hello international students, researchers and visiting faculty embarking upon your theses, dissertations, and professional papers. I can assist you with key phases of the research process – identifying and developing your topic, formulating your research question, conducting library searches, organizing your literature review – and with key aspects of academic writing – positioning, expository prose, interpretation and discussion of data, summaries, critiques, and preparing your paper for submission and/or publication.

I have over 20 years of experience as an education and planning professional. I currently work as an International Visiting Faculty and Dissertation Supervisor and am Associate Editor of an open access academic journal. My qualifications include a Ph.D. in Instructional Systems, a MA in Urban Planning and Policy and a BA in English Literature.

I’m available to consult with you face-to-face, via email or video Skype. My rates are flexible depending on your requirements and timeline. Please contact me at for an initial consultation.

Amanda Shapiro

I’m a word maven with an MFA in Writing and a passion for clear prose. I’m also a listener; it’s important to take the time to understand my students’ goals before diving in. I’ve worked in writing centers, as a writing coach, and as a freelance editor for the past six years. I specialize in application essays, personal statements, and academic writing in the humanities and social sciences. My rates are flexible, and my turnaround is fast.

Ben Shedlock

I use your writing project as a tool to build your skills as a writer. To make the most of sessions, I ask you to submit projects ahead of time and send you away with a session recap and revision plan. The preparation helps me focus on areas that most obscure your ideas, and the recap focuses your continued revisions on those same areas. I have helped undergraduates as well as experts in their field strengthen their writing by learning and leveraging the genre expectations every writing project has, from engineering journal articles to PowerPoints. I earned my MA in Professional Writing from Carnegie Mellon University. As a tutor, I helped nearly 200 writers and researchers clarify their ideas at Carnegie Mellon University’s Global Communication Center. I have particularly enjoyed helping non-native English speakers understand the culture behind our language.

Christine Shia

I have an MA in Journalism, MFA in creative writing and 15 years of professional writing and editing experience to help with academic, creative, medical, business, or scientific publications. I work gently, positively and constructively with authors to present their work in the clearest rhetorical format for maximum impact.

Cristina Smith

I am a graduate of the master’s program at the School of Journalism at UNC. Over the past 15 years, I’ve worked as a newspaper reporter and editor, done magazine writing and editing and worked for public radio as a producer. I now focus mainly on editing and writing, and most recently have edited lengthy research reports for social justice groups, magazine pieces for an online literary magazine, and personal essays. I have a flexible schedule and am available for quick turnarounds.

Jonathan Susser

I am new to editing and this line of work, but I am eager to get experience helping others with their writing. As a graduate student in psychology, I have prepared manuscripts, conferences presentations, and theses. I have also worked with my fellow students to enhance the overall flow and clarity of their reports and grant applications. I specialize in APA style and act as a teaching assistant for a writing-intensive research methods course.

John Yewell

I have a Master in Fine Arts in Creative Writing (fiction) from San Francisco State. I spent twenty years in journalism as both an editor and reporter, writing everything from magazine-style investigative pieces to book reviews. I have worked as the director of communications for an educational nonprofit and as a technical editor for Japanese engineers. I speak French and German, and can help foreign students make their writing in English sound native-quality. I have edited half a dozen books and written one novel. In short, whatever you’re writing—dissertations, papers, fiction or non-fiction—I can help you make it sing. I’m happy to coach one-on-one, or edit via email. I live in Durham. I conduct private memoir writing classes in Chapel Hill, and co-run a writing retreat program in France, Italy and the Outer Banks called Writeaways.
Contact me at, or call (831) 392-7062.